Cheesecake Tarts Recipe

Cheesecake Tarts Recipe 2

Cheesecake Tarts Recipe : with Blueberry

Cheesecake tarts recipe with blueberry is one of favorable recipe. This is cheesecake in one bite style. You do not need any knifes or any cake plate for serving them. This cheesecake style is so perfect for any special moments you have such as birthday, wedding or baby shower food. The ingredients are easy to get. Do you want to know more about them?

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Cheesecake Tarts Recipe

Cheesecake Tarts Recipe : with Blueberry Ingredients

The ingredients to make this cute dessert are :

  1. 2 tbsp of light brown sugar,
  2. ¼ cup of sour cream,
  3. ¼ tsp of vanilla extract,
  4. 4 oz cream cheese,
  5. 1 tsp of fresh lemon zest,
  6. 1 tbsp of heavy cream,
  7. 15 mini tart shells and
  8. ½ cup of fresh blueberries.

Those are the ingredients, which are written down, in Cheesecake tarts recipe, easy right? Come on, let us getting ready to make them.

Cheesecake Tarts Recipe with Blueberry : Getting Ready to Make 

You will meet some instructions on making the Cheesecake tarts recipe, here are:

  1. By using an electric mixer, you beat brown sugar, sour cream and vanilla until they get soft in medium speed. This process is about only one minute.
  2. Then, you add the cream cheese and lemon zest into it. Beat them all until they smooth, approximately one minute.
  3. You add the heavy cream and beating again for one minute until they get fluffy.
  4. Prepare the mini tart shells. Fill them with the cream cheese mixture using spoon or piping bag.
  5. Refrigerate them for hours to make the filling is firm.
  6. Garnish this cheesecake with fresh blueberries.

This is non-baked cheesecake, which is beautiful in look and in taste. You can make them as the alternative of cupcakes or cookies when you invite friends to your home.

Well done, you have successfully made one of Cheesecake tarts recipe.

Then, you can enjoy Cheesecake tarts recipe !

Enjoy it with your friends, lover, and family  !

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