Hazelnut Cheesecake Recipe

Hazelnut Cheesecake Recipe 2

Hazelnut Cheesecake Recipe : Nutty Taste

Hazelnut cheesecake recipe is perfect for your dessert. This dessert has hazelnuts in its ingredient. Hazelnut itself is one of nuts, which are often used for dessert like cake or ice cream.

Hazelnut is rich in protein and healthy fat (unsaturated fat). For making chocolate, this nut is familiar but for cheesecake? To know how the taste is, let’s check the recipe below.
Hazelnut Cheesecake Recipe 3
Hazelnut Cheesecake Recipe 4
Hazelnut Cheesecake Recipe 5
Hazelnut Cheesecake Recipe 6
Hazelnut Cheesecake Recipe

Hazelnut Cheesecake Recipe : Ingredients

In this Hazelnut cheesecake recipe, you will need :

  1. ¾ cup of toasted hazelnuts (finely ground),
  2. 1 ½ cup of vanilla wafer crumbs,
  3. ¼ cup of melted butter or margarine,
  4. 8 ounces of cream cheese,
  5. 1 cup of sugar,
  6. 4 eggs in room temperature,
  7. 1 cup of sour cream and
  8. 3 tbsp of hazelnut liqueur.

If you do not like hazelnut liqueur, you can change it to :

  1. 2 tbsp of milk and
  2. 1 tbsp of vanilla extract.

Hazelnut Cheesecake Recipe in Making Process

After preparing the ingredients above, now it is your time to make this Hazelnut cheesecake recipe.

  1. Mix the wafer crumbs with melted butter or margarine and ¼ cups of hazelnut. Mix them well and press this mixture on the bottom part of 9-inch spring form pan. Bake this for 10 minutes in 325 degree Fahrenheit. Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, you beat cream cheese and sugar on medium speed of electric mixer. Beat them until smooth. Then, you add the eggs gradually.
  3. You add sour cream and the liqueur. Beat again.
  4. Add the remaining toasted hazelnut into it. Stir them.
  5. Pour this batter over the prepared crust that you make.
  6. Bake this cheesecake for 1 hour or until you see the centre part of cheesecake is set.
  7. Allow this cheesecake to cool and you refrigerate it for hours to make it firm and more delicious to enjoy.
  8. Garnish this cheesecake with whipped cream.

Well done, you have successfully made one of Hazelnut cheesecake recipe.

Then, you can enjoy Hazelnut cheesecake recipe !

Enjoy it with your friends, lover, and family  !


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