Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipes

Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipes 4

Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipes : The Secret

Many people are asking about what the secret of low calorie cheesecake recipes. We really understand that many people love to eat cheesecake. However, most of them are afraid about getting too much calorie because of it.

If you have that problem too, then you do not need to worry. It is because we have some secrets that will make you capable of making a cheesecake, which is low in calorie. By the way, you do not need to be worry about the taste of your cheesecake later because even it is low calorie, your cheesecake still taste yummy.
Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipes 3
Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipes 5
Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipes
Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipes 2

Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipes : 3 Secrets for Making 

If you have problem with eating ordinary cheesecake because it has a lot of calorie, then there is another way to make you able to enjoy cheesecake without too much calorie. Actually, we have found 3 secrets that can turn ordinary cheesecake recipe into low calorie cheesecake recipes.

  • Sugar

The first ingredient that increases the calorie of cheesecake is sugar. You can substitute this ingredient with other low calorie sugar.

  • Cream cheese

The most important ingredient in cheesecake recipe is cream cheese. However, this ingredient is also the biggest ingredient that gives huge calorie intake. If you do not want to get many calories on your cheesecake, make sure to use low fat cream cheese.

  • Sour cream

Beside of cream cheese, sour cream is also one of ingredient that gives a lot of calorie in cheesecake. However, it will make the taste of the cake weird if you do not add sour cream. To solve this problem, you substitute sour cream with plain yoghurt, which is having almost the same texture, and taste.

Low Calorie Cheesecake Recipes : How to Bake That Customized 

After substituting some ingredients for reducing the calorie intake that you can get from cheesecake, usually, people will be confused about how to bake it. Is it the same way to bake this customized low calorie cheesecake recipes ? Yes, for baking this cake, you do not need to do anything different than making ordinary cheesecake recipe.

Well done, you have successfully made one of low calorie cheesecake recipes.

Then, you can enjoy low calorie cheesecake recipes !

Enjoy it with your friends, lover, and family  !

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